MONDAY MOOD BOARD – The Scent of Green

There are a few colors that I connect with a certain scent. Green is the strongest of them. I can’t explain it, but I can smell green!

I spent the entire day outside yesterday. Pulling weeds. Planting seedlings. Pruning bushes. Harvesting herbs. Tying up vines. My husband mowed the lawn.

There was the clean smell of freshly cut grass, the pungent smell of crushed rhododendron leaves, the subtle smell of young tomato plants, the sweet smell of pineapple sage, the imperceptible smell of rose leaves. The many scents of green!

Go ahead, take a sniff:

Green Everyday Bag by marbled

Crochet Tiny Flower Earrings by CrochetPocket

Handmade Lamp by Filigree

Green Clay and Mint Soap by Elixirio

Please visit Esther and Estella’s blog to find out what mood other members of the European Street Team on etsy are in today!

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~ by enchantedhue on June 11, 2012.

7 Responses to “MONDAY MOOD BOARD – The Scent of Green”

  1. Love it! But then again, I love everything green, and if there’s more of it, the better :D

    I thought the soap in the last pic was some kind of spread or cheese! And that the piece on the bottom was rye bread :D

  2. Oh, I was really fooled by the soap too! I thought I was coffee parfait cake. :) Looks scrumptious nevertheless!

    Love the fresh greenness!

  3. great picks! I know what you mean about the smell of green, the freshly cut grass is such a strong, clean scent!
    love the soap, its maker Maria, a fellow Greek is such a lovely person too :-)
    have a wonderful week

  4. Such a beautiful Green collection!!!
    I think I can smell the fresh Greens too!!!

    Please… don’t eat my Soap! It’s just skin food!

    Susanne, thank you so much for including my soap to this gorgeous Mood Board!

  5. They are beautiful greens! So fresh!

  6. Great green picks!

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