That’s what we had the past week: eine Affenhitze! English words just don’t do it justice. ‘A scorcher’ doesn’t sound half as fun, puzzling, and exhausting as ‘monkey heat’, and ‘sweltering heat’ does describe it nicely, but sounds a bit stiff.

I always wondered where that expression originated. There does not seem to be an explanation other than that ‘Affe’ is a popular term to exaggerate or depreciate a word. Like ‘affengeil’, which means ‘supercool’ or ‘wicked’.

Stuffed Monkey by CrochetAndi

Red and Purple Feather Earrings by StillTreeJewellery

Funny Monkey Photo by mireiferrephoto

Red Fused Glass Bowl by Spleodar

To see other Mood Boards by members of the European Street Team on etsy, please visit Star of the East’s blog!┬áStay cool, everyone!

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~ by enchantedhue on July 2, 2012.

7 Responses to “MONDAY MOOD BOARD – Affenhitze”

  1. we have monkey heat:))

  2. I totally relate, monkey heat pretty much describes it.
    let’s hope this week it will be a bit cooler :-)

  3. amazing selection!

  4. says that it probably came from Berlin. At the end of the 19th century the monkey house in Berlin Zoo was really hot. So they said it’s heat like in the monkey pen which is in German: Hitze wie im Affenstall. Later on they shortened to “Affenhitze”.

    It’s really cold in Uk? Can we do a weather exchange????

  5. Great mood! Lucky you, having a heatwave – it’s been cold and rain here :)

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