5 thoughts on “MONDAY MOOD BOARD – Eco Friendly”

  1. One of the things I hate most is fabric softener used in washing. I have a sensitive skin and there are so many chemicals in it I start to itch immediately. We never use dryer sheets, don’t even own a dryer actually, just let the sun do all that work chemically free, wasting no energy too.
    love your theme :-)

    1. Thanks, Fishy! You know, since I stopped using them and other ‘popular’ cleaners, I can’t even walk through the cleaner aisle in the supermarket anymore, the odor bothers me so much.
      I do use the dryer, I’m too lazy to hang out socks and underwear ;) But most of it goes outside. Nothing better than sleeping in sheets that have been dried by the sun!

  2. Great mood! Share your pet peeve about plastic and paper shopping bags – we reuse ours to clean up after our doggy. And I never use dryer sheets either!

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