Meet Diddleders:

He used to be known under his proper name, Mr. Bear, but for some reason everybody calls him Diddleders. Much more fitting, anyway!

Diddleders is my younger son’s teddy bear. He was a present from a friend on the day he was born, over 13 years ago. As you can see, Diddleders has been thoroughly loved and cuddled and squeezed and all those things you do with a teddy. My son was never without him. He dragged that bear all over the globe. One time, he lost him at a shopping center near Vienna, Austria. Of course, by the time we got to the car and found Diddleders missing, we had no idea where he might be! Almost 45 minutes later and exhausted from running through the shopping center, there he was! Somebody had propped him up in a prominent spot. Diddleders was not amused!

Another time Diddleders escaped again during an afternoon of running errands. Nobody remembered in which store he was last seen, so we had to return to each and every one and ask for a ‘white teddy, well, he used to be white, and he is somewhat raggedy’. Fortunately, a checkout clerk had found him and kept him safe with her. Son and Diddleders were reunited!

Diddleders had a bit of a rough life. There has been a double foot transplant; a music box-ectomy; restuffing; corrective ear surgery; 2 rhinoplasties; and countless severe injuries to various parts of his body (as you can see in the pictures) that leave him a bit leaky. He also suffers from severe alopecia.

But he is still the best beary friend ever, and the whole family loves him to pieces. Literally.

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~ by enchantedhue on August 1, 2012.

7 Responses to “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – Well Loved”

  1. This is very sweet. I had a similar toy, a blue dog, that kept me happy and then my brother, and then his son.

    • I had a blue one too, that my great-aunt made for me. I lost it on a ski lift. Remember it like it was yesterday!
      Not sure Diddleders will survive another generation ;)

  2. Cant believe you went around looking for Diddleders and found him both times! I guess everybody has one little weak spot for teddys :)
    I know i do with mine.

  3. Thanks for coming by Bridgit’s Bell. I enjoyed your post, too.
    Karen at http//bridgitsbell.blogspot.com

  4. What a touching story! Diddleders has become a part of the family!

  5. We have a little monkey in the family that has a similar story like Diddleders, but he was the plush of our uncle. It’s still displayed and kept with care. And I guess it’s 55 years old now!

  6. Poor Mr Diddleders, all that loving! :) Brings a phrase to mind….well-loved and worn.

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